soheicube is Sohei Arakawa's online portfolio. I am currently employed at an advertising agency in Shibuya, Tokyo. Anything on this site is a presentation of his skills.
I'm an Japanese-English Bilingual; spent a total of 14 years living in the United States. At University at Buffalo (The State University of New York), I majored in Media Studies, Digital Arts Production. Created and analyzed Internet-based media.


Dreamweaver / Fireworks / Flash / Photoshop / Illustrator / AfterEffects / DVD Studio Pro / Microsoft Office / HTML,CSS hand-coding


Updated Profile.
Added new module, "Mouse Pitch Bars."


Finally open to all audiences. There are a few changes made to the contact section and the main index. To prevent e-mail spam, I'm going to take off my e-mail link. Hope you have an understanding for that.


Optimized CSS. Added CSS for printing purposes.